SpotOn Alabama website is an Alabama portal for merchants that are SpotOn Customers. We are sales executives for SpotOn, Inc. located in San Francisco, CA. 

We have sales executives all over the state to help you with SpotOn products and services. The area manager for SpotOn Alabama is Bart Davis.  Looking for a career in one of the best companies in software for small businesses and one of the top leading restaurant software solutions in the food and beverage sector? We are hiring in all markets. 

SpotOn Alabama has sales executives all over the state and we take pride in truly partnering with our SpotOn Alabama Merchants. Some of the most rewarding days are the ones when we receive emails, text, or calls thanking us for the hard work. We make sure each and every merchant is taken care of to the best of our ability. We will be the first to admit, we are not perfect, but at the end of the day we are your partner and we do everything in our power to make sure your happy and love SpotOn Alabama.

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About SpotOn Alabama Reviews
About SpotOn Alabama Reviews

SpotOn Alabama Area Manager

Bart Davis Area Manager SpotOn
Bart Davis Signature SpotOn

My Beginning with SpotOn

I begin my journey at SpotOn in Jan 2018 honestly because I was wanting a side hustle. Little did I know that this job would change my life forever in just a little over two short years. It was for reasons other than what you tend to hear from someone that finds a great job.

Most of the time when I ask someone if they love their career I will get answers like yeah it is ok, not really but the money is good. Rarely do I ask someone and get the responses like I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, the people I work with make my day, or this job changed my life not just financially but emotionally, spiritually and has made me find my true calling in life.  Well, that is my answer if you were to ask me about my career with SpotOn.

Life-changing Journey Began

I was at a stage in my life where I had the money, the house, and the stability that I didn’t need another job but I took the invitation to visit our SpotOn Headquarters in San Francisco that president’s day in 2018 and it changed my life. No Really! 100% Honesty is what you’ll get from me 100% of the time, it’s just who I am and I’m proud of that.

One of the things that attracted me to SpotOn was their belief in 100% transparency and with being a small business owner for 20 years I knew that the payments industry was highly looked upon as a non-transparent industry but SpotOn was different and you could tell that they meant it ort

Some of the highlights of my career with SpotOn:

There really are so many but I will tell you about a couple that really hold dear to my heart and really made me a better person. 

Our Leadership – Our leadership at SpotOn is well “SpotOn” no pun intended. I’ve met so many great people that make up this team of over 900 employees company-wide. To experience their true willingness to listen to this small town Alabama boy and take my advice on things that will make the company better is beyond humbling.

Part of the Team – There has never been a time in my career that I’ve doubted my worth or felt like I didn’t belong on this great team. Our leaders lead from the front and truly cover all corners that make SpotOn culture a real gem. From open-door policies, access to them on their mobile devices, and actually have a culture that puts chills on my body every time I think about it.

SpotOn Culture – SpotOn doesn’t just hire anybody to join our team. We really choose from the best of the best. I’m not talking about only rockstar sales partners that have years of experience or years in the business but people that are good people, with good values, with good work ethic, and strong determination to succeed as a team, not as an individual only mentality.

Team Driven – We help each other be successful by sharing ideas on our employees’ only Facebook Group. I’ve done some training with our group on subjects like branding yourself and social media where I gave everyone access to my contact info and spent hours on the phone and zoom calls helping agents 4,000 miles away personally one on one without asking anything in return.

The good Lord blessed me with the ability to reach people so that's what I try to do each day he gives me another opportunity.

Bart Davis - Area Manager Alabama

Promotion to Alabama Area Manager Highlights

Anybody that knows me will tell you my favorite thing to do is help others even if it is making them smile. I learned this when I started my first business at 21 when a complete stranger co-signed a note with me because he believed in me and because someone believed in him 40 years earlier. He never forgot to pay it forward and I’ve never forgotten what he did for me.

Because of him, I try and do the same because I know what that blessing did for me now that I’ve taken that 10k loan 19 years ago and now run businesses outside of my SpotOn career that grosses 7 figures.

I say that to remind people you don’t have to have money to make money but what you do have to have is a work ethic, a passion for what you believe in, and relationships which to me is the most important. 

I’m blessed to get to help my SpotOn Alabama team learn, grow as a person, and give them my perspective on not just the job but experiencing life from someone that has been at both ends of good and bad, broke, and comfortable. 

I truly believe my experience is my calling in this life to reach others and make them great stewards of men and lead by example. 

Bart Davis - SpotOn Area Manager

These are the type of blessings that matter to me

SpotOn Team Blessing Image

Some images of our team training but also living life

SpotOn Restaurant Training in Detroit Image
SpotOn Alabama Team
SpotOn Leadership Training
SpotOn Alabama Team Training
Bart and Chico from SpotOn
SpotOn Detroit HQ Image
SpotOn Restaurant Image HQ
SpotOn HQ Dinner
Bart Davis Signature SpotOn
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