SpotOn Restaurant Server Handhelds

In an industry where profit margins are razor-thin, the key to running a successful restaurant always comes down to efficiency. That’s why SpotOn has packed all the power and speed of our best-in-class point-of-sale into a handheld device. By having your wait staff spend less time walking back and forth to POS stations, you’ll be able to save time, serve more guests, and accelerate revenue growth.

SpotOn Sever Handhelds


Thanks to our cutting-edge, cloud-based POS software, our specially configured handhelds are not only durable, but also sleek, fast, and easy to use.


To operate SpotOn Restaurant Handhelds, your restaurant must be equipped with at least one standard SpotOn Restaurant POS station on-premise. Furthermore, we recommend the following for optimal performance:


SpotOn Sever Handhelds

Why Should Your Restaurant Offer Tableside Ordering?

Our pay-at-the table tablet is fast, robust, and designed to improve the dining experience for both your customers and your wait staff.

Restaurant Blog

Restaurant Blog
Bart Davis

Plan B for Restaurants Part 1

Things we must do to prepare for the future: Know Our Customer I wonder if I went back to all the restaurants in the last 12 months that I’ve sit down with them and told them that customer engagement is the way of the future and they said, I’m not interested in all that mumo

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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs SpotOn’s Dine-In Ordering

SpotOn is thrilled to announce Dine-In Ordering for restaurants. Built upon our innovative online ordering platform, our new Dine-In Ordering service allows customers to come to your restaurant, scan a QR code at the table, and then order and pay right from their phone, without ever having to touch a menu or a credit card.

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Restaurant Trends for Post Covid-19 Image
Restaurant Blog
Bart Davis

Restaurant Trends for Post Covid-19

2020 was predicted to be an interesting year for restaurants, with sales expected to hit $899 billion this year, customer trends gravitating towards dine-in experiences that were unique, interactive and elevated, and expectations that restaurants would not only make more sustainable choices but also catch up with Gen Z’s ever growing demand for technology.

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